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Chris Long is one of the more enjoyable Philadelphia athletes to cover in recent years. He’s outspoken, does incredible charity work, and helped bring a Super Bowl championship back to Philly. Oh, and he wore an Allen Iverson jersey under a faux fur coat to the parade. Legendary.

All of that and he just seems like relatable guy you’d want to have beers with and watch a big sports game. Like, say, the NCAA National Championship.

Long, a University of Virginia alum, was lucky enough to attend the big game out in Minnesota last week and it helped land him on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Sort of!

Check out his pretty hilarious tweet about the cover.

Long is indeed on the cover of SI that features the championship Cavaliers. He just happens to be a fan in the background. And he is caught in a perfectly joyous pose.

If you can’t see it, click the second photo in his tweet and zoom in right under the second ‘A’.

For months, we’ve been so focused on the Eagles’ plan going into the draft without even thinking about another huge factor that should help them:

The rest of the division might be an inept mess at the front office level.So the Eagles have a power structure with a supportive owner in Jeffrey Lurie who has delegated power to a front office with Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas. Both seem to get along great with each other and with head coach Doug Pederson, creating a sound and cohesive environment.

Meanwhile, the Eagles share a division with two overbearing and meddlesome owners in Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones, not to mention a general manager in New York’s Dave Gentleman, who doesn’t seem to know what the hell he’s doing.

At least you have to give the Cowboys a little credit. Jones is meddlesome, but they’ve had plenty of good draft picks over the last few years.

But the Giants have picks No. 6 and 17, while the Skins have No. 15 and might move on up into the top five. Neither of those fanbases should have a high level of confidence those front offices will nail those picks.

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