Mike Quick Jersey

Most records were meant to be broken. Some can’t be. You can’t do much better than a 99-yard touchdown. Actually, you can’t do any better, and when anyone who knows anything about the Philadelphia Eagles mentions 99 yards, thoughts go to one person, former “Birds’ wide receiver Mike Quick.

Yes young bucks, before Mike Quick held it down as the color announcer for the Eagles radio team, he was one of the best receivers ‘The Birds’ had ever known. The phrase was ‘if he’s even, he’s leaving’, and that was never more apparent than on a quick pass he took from Ron Jaworski and took to the house.

You knew there would be some footage.

That one had everything, 99 yards, an Eagles great, and Veteran’s Stadium. Yep, we mean that Veteran’s Stadium, the one with the rotten footing, the 700 level and the jail cell.

As great as that ambiance was, ‘The Vet’ was a backdrop in this instance. It was the canvas for something more special. Seeing Quick run brings back so many memories.

It never looked like he was at full speed, but no one could catch him. He had the hands. He had the gift. He had the look. He just looked like an NFL receiver.

Selfishly, it makes you wonder what it would have been like to see him with this roster. Yep, Quick was the man.

He turned 60 years young on May 14th, and we couldn’t think of any way better to celebrate on his birthday week. To be honest, the guy still looks like he’s 35 years old. Who knows? Maybe a found a fountain of youth somewhere.

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