Ron Jaworski Jersey

WAIKOLOA, Hawaii — Special guest speaker Ron Jaworski said doctors must set their staff up for success, one of the lessons he learned from the head coaches he played for in the National Football League during his 17-year career.

He learned commitment to the job and to excellence while playing in the NFL.

“I learned so much from coaches in the NFL because I understood that culture, that environment of winning,” Jaworski said here at Hawaiian Eye 2019.

The average NFL career is 3.1 years and Jaworski, also known as “Jaws,” played for 17 years.

As he remarked on his storied football career, he said Dick Vermeil, who was head coach at the Philadelphia Eagles, taught him hard work and discipline.

He developed “the discipline to believe in the leadership that they will set you up for success,” he said.

As a player he did not agree with every play that came from his coaches but had to trust and believe in their leadership.

“You have to have discipline,” Jaworski added.

When he then went from Philadelphia to Miami, it was for one reason: Head coach Don Shula.

“His culture, his environment was so simple, it was about teamwork,” Jaworski said. “It wasn’t about Dan Marino, it was about the team, everything Shula preached was about the team.”

In Kansas City with coach Marty Schottenheimer, the mood was different.

“He was calm and low key, he didn’t get fired up,” he said. “When he spoke, you had to pay attention.”

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